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Student Leaders International – Free Resources for CAP Schools

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Student Leaders International – CAP Schools

The Student Leaders International ezine and Teacher Module are once again available for ALL CAP associated schools to use during 2014. These resources may be downloaded for FREE from the web site .

The first issue for 2014 has just been released and includes:

  • a focus on women and leadership
  • the new thinking that people with disability can bring to leadership roles
  • students sharing leadership stories from Australia, Canada, Dubai, Ghana and Ireland
  • profiled leaders from England, Australia and the United States of America, and
  • a feature on the inspirational leadership of the late Nelson Mandela.

The Teacher Module includes activities for teachers to use with students, but also includes professional development readings for teachers. These readings include articles by:

  • A South African teacher – Lacklustre leadership not our lot in life
  • A Dutch researcher – The Voyage of a Raindrop (Student Voice)
  • An academic article – Principals: Catalysts for promoting student leadership, and
  • A program update – Students get a chance to be a ‘Principal for a Day’.

Join the Student Leaders International Network of Schools

This is new. Our network of schools acknowledges those inspirational educators around the world who are committed to:

  • the development of young people as future community leaders
  • improving student awareness of leadership knowledge, understanding and skills
  • student personal development.

Why join the network?

  1. Network members have all 2014 student ezines and modules resources directly sent to their school.
  2. Network members receive ALL the 2014 e-posters for free. These are part of your membership and can be used by ALL teachers in your school, every year. (This would normally cost much more than the membership fee.)


  • Free lesson plans to support a school’s student development and/or student leadership program. These are based on selected YouTube videos appropriate for the school setting.
  • Free copies of all Issue 1, 2012 e-posters.

Joining the network is an acknowledgement that you are part of a ‘global learning community’ committed to improving future world leadership.

Schools may join at . A yearly fee of AUD$99 allows all educators in your school to access and use these resources. Please consider.

Subscribe to the free monthly e-newsletter

Educators who wish to receive free monthly updates on student leadership news, research, events etc should subscribe to the e-newsletter. Previous e-newsletters can be viewed at


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