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Congratulations CAP Principal and Vice-Principal of the Year Award Winners

The Canadian Association of Principals wishes to congratulate this years Principal and Vice-Principal of the Year Awards Winners, presented at the CAP Conference in St. John, NB this year.

Congratulations to:

CAP Distinguished Principal is Cheryl Chuckry from Ecole St. Avila in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Cheryl has been an educator since 1995. She has been a classroom teacher for 13 years in the Pembina Trails School Division in Winnipeg. While working as a classroom teacher she began to develop her leadership skills taking on the roles of French Immersion Program Leader, ELA/FLA Educational Coordinator, Resource Teacher, and Support Services Program Leader. In 2008 she took her leadership skills and began her journey as a school leader. She was a Vice-Principal for 2 years, before beoming a principal and is now the principal at her second school, Ecole St. Alvia in the south end of Winnipeg.

Through her journey, Cheryl has received an Excellence in Sustainability award from the Manitoba Round Table for Sustainable Development for her school ground’s  bio retention project in collaboration with her Parent Advisory Council   including the publication of “Water on the Land,” a bilingual sustainable guide to storm water management.

Cheryl also applied for and received $25000  from Staples Canada for their ‘Recycle for Education’ awarded for environmental stewardship as  one of Canada’s top 10 Environmentally Responsible School Grounds.

Cheryl was successful in securing the Pembina Trails School Division Education For Sustainable Development Grant in 2015. With this grant she secured funding and coordinated in collaboration with the schools Home School Association the development of the Bike Plaza, a project that aims to increase the use of active transportation as children make their way to and from school.

Cheryl plays an active role in facilitating and supporting programming that challenges students to meet educational goals, while building confidence and cultivating interests both inside and outside of the classroom.  She understands that curricula today is interactive, integrated and multi-dimensional. Her positive attitude and high level of collaboration has inspired our teachers to ‘think outside the box’ in terms of the way that we program for students.

She is someone who always aims to create a supportive learning environment for students and who effectively promotes success for all learners. Together, she believes, we are stronger because it is ultimately the community, that needs to come together to support and teach each child.

CAP Distinguished Vice-Principal is Robyn Allaby from Fredericton High School in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The first line of her nomination paper states “Robyn Allaby is an unsung hero in our community.”  After reading the application, it is quite remarkable she has not received any formal recognition for her lifelong commitment to others… until now.

Robyn exemplifies community leaders the Canadian Association of Principals wishes to recognize.  She has demonstrated a sustained commitment to enhance cultural diversity, multiculturalism and, as her nominators called it, interculturalism in Fredericton.  As Vice Principal of the largest school in New Brunswick, Robyn is responsible for their EAL program, English as an Additional Language.  At Fredericton High, this equates to 25% of the school population and represents over 80 countries.  Mrs. Allaby has her hands full… but her work does not stop there.

Robyn leads by example, getting dirty in the trenches so that she can inspire others to join her in her efforts in EAL and in other facets of her career.  In 2008, Robyn authored a proposal which awarded her team a $40 000 grant to create a mobile writing lab.  Robyn generated matching funding from local businesses in order to claim their prize money.  We all know how difficult it is to find money in this day and age!

By nominating Mrs. Allaby, her colleagues wish to pay tribute to Robyn’s “invitational leadership approach” which is reflected in her singlehandedly taking responsibility for the following:

~the Black Kat Scholar Program- the highest honor a FHS grad can receive
~the orchestration of the graduation ceremony- which includes organizing over 80 staff volunteers for the past 20 years!
~the creation and maintaining of the International Wall of Flags- over 80 wooden flags at FHS developing respect for cultural diversity
~Diversity Days- an annual event at her high school promoting diversity
~Kats’ Kitchen- which is an effort to eliminate student hunger at FHS while at the same time combatting poverty and mental health struggles
~oversees all PD for the staff of 114 teachers and all the details of lockers, textbooks, school photos and IDs for 2000 students

If it makes you tired just hearing about her work in the school, you should see the two pages of professional development with which she has been involved.  I thought, “She must be 200 years old to have taken all this in!”

Robyn has been involved in university-based research on cultural diversity and a whole plethora of multicultural workshops and PL.  Robyn is currently enrolled in Success Principles Personal Coaching Program.  Her resume unmistakably reveals she supports lifelong learning.

When New Brunswick announced it would accept 1500 Syrian refugees, Robyn led a campaign to collect materials for children who would be arriving in local schools without the basic essentials for school success.  Her colleagues found her in tears of exaltation as she reported on the overwhelming support of students at an organizational meeting to address hunger at her school.  Clearly, she has heart.

Robyn’s extracurricular activities include those typical of an energetic high school English teacher who loves the Arts.  The list began in 1988 but includes every year to 2016.  She has coordinated oratorical competitions, organized and chaperoned several school trips, Christmas formals and graduation Proms for 19 years.

Mrs. Allaby’s professional committee involvement is just as impressive and time consuming.  She has written curriculum documents for the province as well as piloted numerous programs.  She presented at Summer Institute on the reading process and provided in-service to staff and parents on how to create a lifelong reader and has given PD to teachers on preparing for the ELPA.  Somewhere in all this activity, she has even managed to teach quilting and win an award for her craft.  Oh, and she even has a family! She must multitask!

Robyn, it is your turn to be elevated to distinction for devoting your entire career to the betterment of all.  Congratulations!

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