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The Canadian Association of Principals

Student Leadership Award 2017/2018

The Canadian Association of Principals are proud to sponsor the CAP Student Leadership Award. The purpose of this award is to afford principals the opportunity to recognize one of their student leaders and to enter that student as a nominee for a national scholarship. Nationally, the Canadian Association of Principals will administer the scholarship program.

The CAP Student Leadership Award is designed to provide the broadest possible base upon which to evaluate candidates. For the 2017-2018 program, twelve scholarships of $250.00 each will be awarded. (One scholarship per CAP provincial/territorial affiliate) Only students graduating in the final year of high school from a Canadian High School are eligible for nomination.

Each school that wishes to participate in the scholarship program is asked to nominate one student leader who has demonstrated outstanding leadership. Nominees should be in the top 20% of their class. Nominations are not based on need. The method of selection of the principal’s nominee is a local decision. To assist you with your selection, you may use an existing scholarship committee or convene a committee similar to what may be used for other award programs.

Each nominee must complete the questionnaire following the instructions in this form:  Student-Leadership-Application-Form-2017-2018

Advisors should aid students in filling out the questionnaire and in furnishing and verifying entries that are part of the student’s official school records.

We emphasize that all materials must be submitted together, and postmarked by March 1, 2018. Incomplete materials will not be returned or considered.

Winners of the CAP Student Leadership Award will be selected in May and the winners and their school principals will be notified in June.

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