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Attention Teachers: A New Initiative - National Interactive Book Club for Teenage Girls

2017-03-06 12:51:18 admin


An interactive book club targeted primarily at teen girls (13-18 years of age) of all races and ethnic backgrounds. Allowing them to express their curiosity, ambitions, hopes and frustrations, A ROOM OF YOUR OWN is a forum to share fun, feelings, and opinion with their peers and with their favourite authors. This new generation book club that will be 60 minutes in length and be once a month. The book club’s chief objectives are to have fun, and give teen girls what they need (and not what adults think they want).


This fully interactive book club for teenage girls will discuss all subject matters that pertains to being young and maturing into adulthood via today’s standards and pressures. This unique and innovative book club will choose a teen novel every month and discuss the subject matters of the story line and the relevance to teen girls’ lives. This book club will not be intimidated by any subject matter! We will have the author present along with a specialist in the particular area of field that we are discussing. The novel will be a doorway into the lives of teen girls of all backgrounds.

Please follow the link to see all the information and participate

More information can be found in the following links

Contact the project leader for more information – Tanya Lee


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CAP Student Essay Contest! We want your vision of a future Canada!

2017-02-06 17:25:55 admin

Students, we want to know what you think!

In 2017, Canada celebrates its 150th birthday with a proud history of political, social and economic progress. While the social and political elements are essential to a country’s quality of life, the deeper question as Canadians look ahead to the next 50 years is related to economic security and opportunity. What continues to bind us? No matter what political view, racial background or social status, everyone needs commerce in one form or another to put food on the table and provide a better life for their family. Canada has been a land of opportunity and always strived toward ensuring equality and inclusiveness.

The book, “Everybody’s Business” will capture the perspectives and vision of Canadians in relation to economic growth and vision for the next 50 years and provide a framework for growth and action. The research for this book is in partnership with the Rotman School of Management and Canadian leaders who are passionate about Canada and its future growth.

The Canadian Association of Principals is proud to partner with the authors to engage high school students to share their thoughts as the future leaders of our great country!

The findings from the submitted essays will be included in the book publication, “Everybody’s Business”. All essays will contribute to the voices of Canadians who will lead the growth and development of Canada for the next 50 years.

High School Students, share your thoughts in an essay between 750 and 1000 words explaining:

What economic opportunities and priorities should Canada establish to ensure continued prosperity and quality of life for the next 50 years?

Your essay may focus on:

a. one or several arguments that illustrate and support your thesis
b. public and/or private sector policies in this country
c. economic, educational, social and or political issues


The winning submission will be awarded a monetary prize of $1000. As well, the winning essay will be published in the

Canadian Association of Principals Spring/Fall 2017 journal and highlighted in the book publication.
Submission deadline- March 7, 2017 via email to:
Submissions (750 -1000 words) must be in 12 point Times Roman or Times New Roman font.

Cover page shall include:

1) Student name and Grade level
2) Teacher/Course Name
3) School Name, Community, Province

Only online submissions will be accepted (Word or PDF)

Download the FULL CAP Essay Information pdf below:

CAP Student Essay Competition

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The CAP & Jostens Canadian 2017/2018 Distinguished Principal & Vice Principal of the Year Award Applications are now available

2018-01-10 08:42:24 admin

The applications for the very prestigious CAP Canadian Principal and Vice Principal Awards for 2017/2018 are now available. Click here to go to the CAP Awards page and download the nomination papers.

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CAP's Student Leadership Award Application for 2017/2018 now available

2018-01-10 10:45:13 admin

The Canadian Association of Principals are proud to sponsor the Annual CAP Student Leadership Award, once again to be awarded to worthy recipients from across the country for the 2017/2018 school year.

Click here to go to the awards page.

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Spring 2016 CAP Journal

2016-06-20 22:36:01 admin

Click here to view and download the Spring 2016 CAP Journal.

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