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CAP President Greetings for 2016/2017


It is a great honour and privilege to take on the responsibility of the CAP President for 2016-17. As the year begins, I would like to acknowledge the CAP Executive, board and directors for their tremendous work on behalf of principals and vice-principals across our country. We want to take the opportunity to wish everyone an excellent year as educational leaders in positions of flux and opportunity.

The school leaders from New Brunswick need to be commended for a fantastic conference held in Saint John, NB, last May. The wealth of knowledge a
nd skill of presenters enhanced and energized participants throughout the conference and beyond.

We continue our role and responsibility in research on the study entitled: The Aspirations and work life of the Canadian School Principal: National Study. We look forward to sharing the results of this study as it impacts on the work we do as school leaders going forward.

Our CAP journal, edited by Kyran Dwyer, brings educational articles, from members across the country, that are reflective, current and valuable so take time to read and enjoy.

As the national voice for school leaders, we look forward to serving our members. We hope to inspire leaders to act, engage leaders in purposeful conversation, respond positively to challenges, establish and maintain balance, and find creative and meaningful ways to support learning in our schools. I look forward to the year ahead and appreciate your support and feedback.

If you want to go fast…Go alone!
If you want to go far…Go together!

Maxine Geller
CAP President, 2016-2017

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