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CAP President Greetings for 2017-2018

By now you are all back to a new school year, hopefully after a restful and rewarding summer vacation.  The busyness of our jobs often leaves little time for reflection and relaxing.  However as Stephen Covey would say, always take time to Sharpen Your Saw and do something for yourself every day.

In July, I spent a day at the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) conference in PEI.  There is much to celebrate about our education system in this country. The day allowed me time to chat with partner groups and highlight the critical role principals and vice principals play in Canada’s education system. The partner groups I spoke with recognize the great contribution we make to the education system. CAP’s role is to advocate and be a presence on the national scene. However to do this, we must remain focused on our members and ensure that through good communication, everyone’s voice is heard and shared.

The CAP National conference in Saskatoon in May 2017 was a great opportunity for learning and networking.  Thank you to the host committee for a tremendous job in planning the conference. Everyone is invited to St. John’s Newfoundland to this year’s CAP conference.  It takes place from May 15-18, 2018.  The theme Navigating Uncharted Waters: Keeping an Even Keel will hopefully provide lots of thought-provoking speakers to challenge us to continue to be the best we can be.

It is a privilege to be your CAP President for 2017-2018.  I look forward to working with President Elect Thomas Midbo and Past President Maxine Geller, the Executive and the Board of Directors.  The input of as many principals and vice principals in Canada will make CAP a stronger, more focused and connected association to continue our work and to make our education system a place where every student can be successful.

I wish you a very successful school year, one where students and staffs will keep our desire to be great leaders close to our hearts and mind.

Yours in Education from beautiful Newfoundland and Labrador,

Kyran Dwyer

CAP President, 2017-2018




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