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“An Association of School Leaders”

The National Voice for Principals CAP is the advocate for principals and vice-principals at the national level.  Working with other national educational groups, CAP presents the views and opinions of principals and vice-principals regarding a variety of issues and in many different forums.  Our work with public and private sector partners provides invaluable services to all facets of the educational community.

Our Mission The Mission of the CAP is to represent the professional perspectives of principals and vice-principals at the National level and to provide the leadership necessary to ensure quality educational opportunities for Canadian students.

Through provincial associations from each province, all principals and vice-principals are members of the CAP. Each provincial association is an equal active partner in the CAP, serving on the Board of Directors.

If you do not belong to a provincial association and would like to be a member of the Canadian Association of Principals please contact our national office for information on individual or institutional memberships or complete this membership application form and fax to 613-622-0258

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